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PARENT - Tot 18 mo - 3 yrs

Ages 18 mo -3 years – 45 min Classes are CO-ED


Our instructor will facilitate parent and child through a variety of obstacle courses designed to develop

your child’s motor skills, balance, strength, coordination, and social skills in a safe fun environment. 

Gymnasts will experience all 4 events, beam, vault, bars and tumbling on equipment specifically

designed to accommodate little bodies. They will bounce on our in ground trampolines, run, swing,

climb, work on handstands, cartwheels, rolls and more!  The parent’s job is to have fun bonding with their

child while guiding them through the obstacles giving them assistance as needed.

PRESCHOOL 3 - 5 yrs

Our 3 year olds will be on their own for the 1st time! Parents are encouraged to watch classes from our waiting room with full view of the gym. Building on our parent – tot classes we will begin with a short trampoline time, then on to a more traditional warm up with circle time. 


Gymnastics skills will be broken down so young children can learn the proper shapes and form necessary to perform fundamental skills independently- in turn developing strength, confidence, balance, coordination, agility, motor skills and more.  Skill progression will be based on age as well as the progress of each individual gymnast.


Since children progress at different rates, stations are set up to accommodate varied abilities. Gymnasts will experience all 4 events, vault, bars, beam and tumbling all incorporated into a variety of stations and obstacles. Learning to take turns, socializing and being kind to classmates is emphasized for school readiness.

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